Security Services


We believe that continuous learning and education are necessary for a changing landscape. Our training is relevant, topical, and practical. We have multiple approaches to formal classroom training or individual or small group problem-solving. We have trained through direct team collaboration using real-world, real-time scenarios. A fun way to learn is through providing puzzles and challenges to work through. We want to extend that feature of our team to include you.


We can tailor the training to a general or a specific topic.  For example, you wanted to teach your team threat modeling.  We could take the team’s current projects and talk through the lifecycle of the application and discuss the vulnerabilities of the process in its various stages.  The example-based approach keeps the conversation interesting, relevant, and engaging.  The team is able to personalize the learning experience and internalize the concept.  This takes a Security Driven Outcomes approach to the team’s thinking, which will impact decision-making and production.



One of our core philosophies is individual care and attention. We want to extend that service to our customers by sharing our resources to help guide and transform your existing team. Often, other firms’ training courses are abstract and provide not relevant examples. We work with our best and brightest to support your team either short-term, long-term, or daily.

Give yourself piece of mind. Start your security mission now!