Security Services


When dealing with your deployments, you’ll need to secure the environment where it will live and breathe. Infrastructure will include networks, containers, hosts, hypervisors, load balancers, and proxies.


We have the experience and knowledge of working in commercial, air-gapped, and highly regulated environments and know how to keep workloads running in a compliant manner—dealing with an IATT, ATO, or attestation? We’ve worked to receive ATOs in all DoD Impact Levels and less stringent commercial compliance requirements, including SOC2.


We know that an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach with Terraform and Terragrunt is a must-have when building out your hybrid, cloud, and on-premise environments. We take modern software practices and engineering mindsets and marry them together. Using code reviews and modules to reuse secure baselines reduces the complexity of repeating patterns.


Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

We are passionate about helping to build out and maintain zero-trust architectures, networks, and resources. Zero-trust is a philosophy, but there are practical ways to implement an approach. Tying in your identity lifecycle is also a great way to round out your Enterprise IT into breathing and thinking zero trust. We have a battle-tested approach to rolling out zero-trust networking using transmission-based authentication (TBA).


Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS)

There are cases when you need to send sensitive information from one network to another. There are a variety of implementations of CDSs, from software to hardware and commercial to government. Unidirectional networking or data diodes, for example, defy standard TCP/UDP conventions and allow for enforcing data passing from one network to another but not the other way around. Being able to properly architect and secure your CDS solution and manifests is critical to mission-impacting information.


Chaos Engineering

Expect the unexpected in a real-world environment. Designing fault-tolerant, highly available, and disaster-resistant systems could make a difference in your organization. It starts with table-top exercises, a disaster recovery plan, and an incident response plan. The simulations could include actual system teardown as you mature.


Container Orchestration

The advent of containers has shifted the responsibility of Operations to Developers by making a portable and reliable way to deploy. This encapsulation has challenges, including network constructs, secret management, and access control. The ecosystem of container security is changing every day and requires vigilant attention. Staying ahead of the security trends means protecting the deepest layer of your application resting place.


Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD is usually the most critical and permissive component in your ecosystem. The responsibility of this can vary depending on your organization; however, it likely can orchestrate very permissive operations. Careful attention to this system and knowing how it’s talking to the rest of your infrastructure is of the utmost importance.


Airgap Support

We have wisdom around getting payloads across the Airgap.  This includes unidirectional networks like AWS Diode and using tools like Zarf.  Let us know if you need help!


Give yourself piece of mind. Start your security mission now!