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Enterprise IT

The foundation upon which organizations operate is the capabilities they utilize every day.  Corporate or Enterprise IT is responsible for ensuring the reliability and availability of these resources, including devices, communications, and collaboration tools. We believe that these tools represent the most critical points of guaranteeing the success of your mission.


Identity Lifecycle

The crux of an enterprise and a zero-trust approach begins with identity. Establishing the lifecycle of human resources from start to finish, job function, and authorization can genuinely benefit from a single source of truth. The identity layer is tied to physical security controls and protocols, further ensuring the least access privilege control.


Endpoint Protection

The device in which the workforce operates is the primary tool to achieving your organization’s objectives. Ensuring that these assets, whether stationary or portable, enterprise-owned or personal devices, are secure requires a tiered approach. Assets include application management, detection/response, geofencing, hardening, encryption, and insider threat. We have found creative ways to manage bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios.


Communications and Collaboration

Staying connected and collaborating with your team, especially in the new world we live is becoming increasingly challenging. We understand that the concept of a workspace is fluid and requires seamless integration with productivity workflows. We also understand that communication in highly regulated and classified environments can be equally important. Chat, email, audio, and video conferencing require careful attention as they can often be the most utilized applications in your organization.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Having a hold on data sovereignty regarding spills and leaks can make or break any organization. There are many ways to tackle data loss prevention, whether egress management, filtering, or access control. Couple this with is the detection of loss by using tools to monitor open sources.

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