BOCA RATON, FL – September 17, 2023 – Radius Method, a firm specializing in cybersecurity products and services, was recently awarded a 3-year subcontract from Omni Federal to support the United States Department of Defense (DoD), specifically the Iron Bank, Platform One, United States Air Force project. The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide Kubernetes and cloud-native security expertise to the respected Platform One Iron Bank development team.

As a dedicated subcontractor, Radius Method is thrilled to join forces with Omni Federal, aiming to significantly bolster Platform One Iron Bank capabilities. Their collective efforts will focus on delivering security-driven outcomes and contributions through hardened Containers, known as Iron Bank.

Leveraging their deep expertise in both Commercial and Federal experience, particularly in Containers and their orchestration, the Radius Method team is well-prepared to tackle various tasks. These tasks include maintenance, upgrades, and seamless integration of additional tools and applications. Importantly, all these efforts will prioritize cybersecurity as a core aspect, ensuring the protection of sensitive workloads for the Department of Defense in the cloud.

Radius Method has extensive experience in assisting federal government software factories. They have successfully supported various initiatives such as Kessel Run and implementing a cross-domain solution for container scanning using a well-known Data Diode.  Radius Method was at the ground level of the development of the DevSecOps pipeline that vets software and containers as part of their Continuous ATO.

Danny Gershman, the Founder, and CEO of Radius Method, highlights the natural synergy between their organization and the Air Force’s Kessel Run C2SET, as they both utilize Big Bang and Iron Bank technologies. Additionally, Radius Method is a significant contributor to open-source projects like Zarf.  Zarf plays a crucial role in supporting moving platforms and images to different impact levels through Airgap deployments. 

Radius Method brings a unique blend of commercial and Department of Defense (DoD) experience, making them well-suited to bring an Agile culture and modern best practices to federal clients. Their expertise extends to supporting the DoD Enterprise Development Security and Operations Platform initiative (DSOP) technical stack across multiple security enclaves. 
As a significant consumer of the Big Bang and Iron Bank ecosystem, Radius Method has firsthand experience with these technologies and has also contributed back to them. This demonstrates their commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement within the community.
One of the key strengths of Radius Method is its focus on security. They prioritize hiring and training employees to have a security-first mindset, ensuring their contributions enhance platform security and efficiency.
By joining the Big Bang team, Radius Method not only brings its expertise but also expands its knowledge and presence within the Platform One and Cloud One ecosystems. This collaboration promises a future of excellence and innovation as they work together to deliver exceptional value to their clients.

About Radius Method

Security Driven Outcomes

Radius Method is a cybersecurity firm that is committed to providing deliverables that contribute to the protection of our nation. Through their experience, they have identified zero-trust architecture, moving target defense, and early breach detection as the most effective strategies for ensuring organizational success in terms of cybersecurity.
Zero-trust architecture is a security concept that assumes no user or device within a network can be trusted by default. It requires strict authentication and authorization protocols to verify and control access to resources. This approach helps organizations mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches.
Moving target defense is a proactive strategy that involves constantly changing the attack surface of an organization’s systems. By regularly altering network configurations, software versions, and other variables, it becomes more difficult for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access.
Early breach detection is another crucial aspect of a strong cybersecurity strategy. By implementing advanced threat detection technologies and continuously monitoring network traffic, organizations can identify and respond to potential breaches before they escalate and cause significant damage.
By focusing on these strategies, Radius Method aims to provide its clients with the best possible cybersecurity solutions to protect their organizations and contribute to national security.

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