BOCA RATON, FL – Nov 1, 2023 – Radius Method releases AWSD as Open Source under the MIT license.  In the world of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become the go-to platform for organizations seeking reliable and scalable cloud solutions. AWS offers a wide range of services, and many professionals and developers often work with multiple AWS accounts and profiles to effectively manage their cloud resources. However, managing AWS profiles can sometimes be a cumbersome task. Enter AWSD, an open-source tool that simplifies the process of switching between AWS profiles, making AWS profile management effortless.

What is AWSD?

AWSD is a command-line tool designed to streamline the management of AWS profiles. It was created with the goal of simplifying the process of switching between different AWS accounts and profiles, saving users time and reducing the risk of configuration errors.

Key Features of AWSD

  1. Profile Switching: AWSD allows users to seamlessly switch between AWS profiles, eliminating the need for manual configuration of the AWS CLI or SDK for different accounts.

  2. Profile Management: With AWSD, you can easily create, edit, and delete AWS profiles, making it effortless to add new AWS accounts or update existing ones.

  3. AWS Session Management: AWSD handles AWS session management for you, ensuring that your temporary AWS session tokens are kept up to date and minimizing disruptions in your workflow.

  4. Enhanced Security: AWSD is designed with security in mind. It helps protect your AWS credentials by encrypting and storing them securely, reducing the risk of exposure.

  5. Easy Installation: Installing AWSD is straightforward, with simple commands available for various operating systems.

AWSD and Terraform/Terragrunt

If you’re using Terraform and Terragrunt to manage your AWS infrastructure, AWSD can be an invaluable addition to your toolkit. With AWSD, you can seamlessly switch between AWS profiles, ensuring that your Terraform and Terragrunt commands are executed with the correct credentials for each environment. This simplifies the process of managing infrastructure across different AWS accounts, making your deployment workflows more efficient and error-free.

AWSD and Boto

For Python developers working with AWS using the Boto library, AWSD offers a convenient way to manage AWS profiles. By using AWSD to switch between profiles, you can ensure that your Boto-based applications always use the correct AWS credentials, enhancing the security and reliability of your AWS-related Python projects.

Getting Started with AWSD

To start using AWSD, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Install AWSD: Visit the official GitHub repository for AWSD ( for installation instructions based on your operating system.

  2. Configure AWS Profiles: Set up your AWS profiles in your AWS CLI or SDK configuration files, just as you normally would.

  3. Use AWSD Commands: Use AWSD commands to switch between profiles, create new profiles, and manage existing ones.

Managing AWS profiles can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially for professionals and developers who work with multiple AWS accounts. AWSD, the open-source AWS Profile Switcher, is a valuable tool that simplifies AWS profile management, streamlining the process of switching between profiles and enhancing security. With its ease of installation and user-friendly commands, AWSD is a must-have tool for anyone working with AWS, Terraform, Terragrunt, Boto, and other AWS-related tools, making profile management a breeze. Try AWSD today and experience the convenience of seamless profile switching in your AWS workflows.

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